Glucosamine MAX: Pain Free Joint Mobility for PEAK Performance

Glucosamine Max Powder Drink

Are you a sports enthusiasts who loves running, basketball or doing activities that put constant strain or repeated impact on your joints contribute to the wear and tear of your joint cartilage. This will eventually lead to damaged joint cartilage, joint pains and the loss of joint mobility.

Last week, a friend of mine introduced Glucosamine Max, a product that delivers the full effective daily dose of 1,500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate in a refreshing once-a-day nutritional powder drink.

Glucosamine Max by Intercare

Studies show that the daily intake of 1500 mg of Glucosamine Sulfate maintains healthy joint cartilage and can also rehabilitate damaged cartilage to regain pain-free joint mobility.

Healthy joint mobility is something we enjoy but sometimes take for granted.  Imagine your life if you had difficulty running,walking or doing any number of daily activities due to joint pains.

What is joint pain and what are it causes?

Joint pain is a chronic condition characterized by the  breakdown of the joint’s cartilage causing the bones to rub against each other resulting to various symptoms such as stiffness, tenderness, locking of joints and even local inflammation.

Causes of Joint Pain

Joint pain develops as one ages when our body’s production of natural glucosamine slows down. This leads to the thinning of the join cartilage and loss of its flexibility to cushion joint movements.

Other factors that may lead to joint paint are:

  1. Injury of joints
  2. Being in sports which constantly use particular joint / joints
  3. Genetic weakness of joints
  4. Being overweight
  5. Secondary to other conditions like: diabetes, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

Joint pain can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, careful use of joints and taking Glucosamine Sulfate food supplements early in life to arrest the degeneration of the joint cartilage.

Glucosamine MAX

Treatment for joint pain is by alleviating its symptoms through lifestyle modification, proper exercise, manual therapy, use of devices, painkillers and Glucosamine Sulfate dietary supplements. Proper advice and guidance from healthcare providers such as chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors are important in joint pain management.

To know more about Glucosamine Max nutritional powder drink, please visit and like their Facebook page: Glucosamine Max or log on to their website: www.herbcare.com.ph.


    • As a sport enthusiast, this is one of the products we must try. Easy recovery and to avoid joint pain.

    • As a sport enthusiast, this is one of the products we must try. Easy recovery and to avoid joint pain. (in case)

  1. I am already a senior citizen. So far in my age of 63, I haven’t yet felt any muscle or joint pain. Nevertheless, I may try this med in any case.

  2. This is my first time to hear about Glucosamine Max.. Thanks for sharing about the product. I will try it soon!

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